Directional Auditory BCI

Virtual Reality

Brain-Computer Interface using Directional Auditory Perception

(Augmented Humans 2023, Poster)

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We investigate the potential of brain-computer interface (BCI) using electroencephalogram (EEG) induced by listening (or recalling) auditory stimuli of different directions. In the initial attempt, we apply a time series classification model based on deep learning to the EEG to demonstrate whether each EEG can be classified by recognizing binary (left or right) auditory directions. The results showed high classification accuracy when trained and tested on the same users. Discussion is provided to further explore this topic.


  • Yuto Koike, Yuichi Hiroi, Yuta Itoh, Jun Rekimoto, “Brain-Computer Interface using Directional Auditory Perception,” The Augmented Humans International Conference (AHs 2023), 3 pages, Glasgow, England, Mar. 12-14, 2023.