Yuichi Hiroi

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Latest Projects

Feb.22, 2021 CircadianVisor
Nov.09, 2020 Stencil Marker
Nov.09, 2020 StainedView
Mar.22, 2020 DehazeGlasses
Oct.14, 2019 OSTNet

Latest Publications

Feb.23, 2021 CircadianVisor: Image Presentation With an Optical See-Through Display in Consideration of Circadian Illuminance
Nov.09, 2020 Stencil Marker: Designing Partially Transparent Markers for Stacking Augmented Reality Objects
Nov.09, 2020 StainedView: Variable-Intensity Light Attenuation Display with Cascaded Spatial Color Filtering for Improved Color Fidelity
Sep.16, 2020 光線の計測と変調に基づく光学シースルー頭部搭載型ディスプレイによる視覚的質感再現
Jun.19, 2020 DehazeGlasses: Optical Dehazing with an Occlusion Capable See-Through Display