Yuichi Hiroi

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Latest Projects

Mar.30, 2023 Photochromic Oclusion AR-HMD
Mar.12, 2023 Directional Auditory BCI
Nov.29, 2022 NeARportation
Nov.26, 2022 Focus-aware Retinal Projection
Oct.19, 2022 Neural Distortion Fields

Latest Publications

Mar.29, 2023 A Compact Photochromic Occlusion Capable See-through Display with Holographic Lenses
Mar.12, 2023 Brain-Computer Interface using Directional Auditory Perception
Nov.29, 2022 NeARportation: A Remote Real-time Neural Rendering Framework
Oct.19, 2022 Neural Distortion Fields for Spatial Calibration of Wide Field-of-View Near-Eye Displays
Oct.17, 2022 Towards Spatial Airflow Interaction: Schlieren Imaging for Augmented Reality